Highly qualified legal assistance is essential to establish, incorporate, re-register, and liquidate an entity and to provide any other services related to incorporation of entities.

MA Consulting will provide you with all necessary information and legal advice for the following:

  • choosing a form of ownership of your future company;
  • turnkey incorporation;
  • preparation of constituent documents;
  • state registration of entities with various forms of ownership (LLP, JSC, etc.);
  • state registration of companies with a foreign interest;
  • re-registration;
  • amendments to constituent documents;

We offer high quality legal consulting related to incorporation of entities of any forms of ownership, including LLP, JSC, etc. in Almaty City. We will provide legal assistance in incorporation of entities with a foreign interest.

Experts of MA Consulting are ready to provide you with assistance to incorporate, re-register, and liquidate a company in Kazakhstan. We will prepare for you all documents required for a state registration of a company in Almaty, will provide assistance during registration of your company with authorized agencies of Kazakhstan. You will save a lot of time and energy, if you pick us to handle opening of your business.

Moreover, experts of MA Consulting are ready to provide legal consulting for your business at any stage.

Your business starts with incorporation of your company.

You can feel free to contact us at any time with respect to registration of your company.


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